June 25, 2015
So glad to be in charge of the next Enquete! More details here.
Fair : photo 15
January 2, 2015
I'll take part in photo 15 from january 9 to 13 in MAAG Hallen Zurich, along with 124 other swiss photographers. Come and have a look!
Show : La Datcha
December 12, 2014
Capitalizer will be exhibited at La Datcha, Lausanne, on wednesday December 17 (opening 18:00). This one day show is organized by swissachtung.ch.
Representation : Swissachtung
November 17, 2014
A selection of my artwork is now available at (very) reasonable prices on swissachtung.ch. Christmas is coming...
Award : Lugano PhotoDays
October 17, 2014
I'm very pleased to announce that CAPITALIZER won the first edition of the Lugano PhotoDays contest. Exhibition from October 17 to October 26 during the Lugano PhotoDays, and in December 2014 in Caslano.
Show : saint-ursanne photographie
September 13, 2014
Solo show of a new project commisioned by the Forum Transfrontalier.

From september 20 to october 5, Hotel du Boeuf, Saint-Ursanne.